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Hey there.  It’s been a while since I’ve blogified my existence, so I thought I’d take a few moments and try to encapsulate what I’ve been up to.

We’re a few weeks into my cleverly-named “2010 Tour” – we’ve pretty much shaken the cobwebs out at this point and are now confidently pretending like we know what we’re doing.  The shows have been going great and the audiences have been fantastic.  We’ll be playing all the way through Labor Day weekend – the remaining tour dates are posted at  We still have a few more shows which are unconfirmed at this point – when those get finalized I’ll of course add those to the list on the tour page and give everybody a heads-up on Twitter.

The new album has been put in suspended animation for the duration of the North American tour, but after I get off the road my main focus will be writing and recording the three songs that I need to complete it.  That’s really all I can tell you – any release date information would be pure conjecture at this point.

The band and I are very excited that we’ll be doing our first-ever European tour in December.  Well, at this point, it’s just 2 dates (the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Minehead and a show at the Forum in London) but it’s still a tour.  We’re doing it.  We promise.  And we’ve got our fingers crossed that the promoter will see fit to book some more European dates while we’re there as well.

I’ve mentioned the situation with Cartoon Network in a few interviews and podcasts, but I never formally addressed it, so… here’s what happened.  As I had previously reported, after years of negotiation, I was able to sign a major production deal with Cartoon Network to provide content for them.  They were primarily interested in live action features, so I pitched them on a movie idea.  They loved it, and gave me the go-ahead to start working on the screenplay.  I worked closely with them for several months, and after submitting my 4th draft, just when I was just about to get the official green light… Cartoon Network let me know that they were no longer in the feature film business.  It was a major policy change that affected not only me, but also the dozen or so other movies of theirs that were in various stages of development.  Everything just stopped.  So, bad news for me, but good news for all the Cartoon Network fanboys that already hated my movie without seeing it (because apparently any live-action programming on that network would be sacrilegious).  Anyway, it’s not entirely bad news – the script went into turnaround, which means I’m free to sell it somewhere else.  (Come to think of it, that was pretty much the exact thing that happened when I was trying to get UHF made.)  So maybe it’ll get produced at some point, maybe it won’t… all I know is, I’ll have a lot more free time this fall.

Let’s see, what else… “When I Grow Up,” my first children’s book for HarperCollins, is still scheduled to come out in March.  Other than that, well… I’ve got several other very exciting projects that I’m working on, but considering what happened with Cartoon Network, maybe I should just shut up about them.

That’s it for now.  Hope to see you on the road!



  1. pliiiiiiiiz pliiiiiiz come to israel!!!!!!

  2. pliiiiiiiiz pliiiiiiz come to israel!!!!!!

  3. Hello Mr. Yankovic. My name is Eric Johnson, and I am a college student at Michigan Technological University up in the U.P of Michigan (we’re Yoopers, eh!) I already wrote this on your YouTube feed, but I just wanted to let you know that I made a parody of your “White & Nerdy” video for a school project, making sure to give you full credit for the music and idea. The video is called “White & Nerdy – Michigan Tech Edition,” and it already has over 2,000 views after just being posted six days ago. This is all because of you and your great music. All of my friends (and me) are big fans of yours, and we sincerely hope you would someday be able to perform here at Michigan Tech. I guarantee the place would be sold out, and you would make an entire school of geeks thrilled. Thank you for continuing to perform and make us laugh!

  4. just an idea lady gaga’s poker face as butterface the slang term which she fits

  5. Hey Al! My brother is one of your BIGGEST FANS! Is there any chance we could set up a surprise meeting with him when you come to Milwaukee on the 28th? Life has handed this guy a bowl of lemons pretty much all the way around but he always makes the most of it. He would be beyond thrilled to meet you!!

  6. Greetings, First and foremost, I wanted to tell you that I am a hugh fan and have been for more than 2/3rds of my 43 years. I heard you on the Dr. Demento show and from that moment, I was hooked. I try to make as many as your live shows that I can when you come to town. Which brings me to the reason for this letter. I just caught your show at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix,AZ. It was amazing that you started out with some of your older material that I have never got to hear you preform live. What a treat. Then you played all new material which was even better than I could have hoped for. But after all the new material was played, it was just like the last 3 shows that I had been to. I left feeling a bit disapointed. I am in no way telling you how your show should be but it almost seemed rushed and a carbon copy of past shows at the last half of it anyway. I am usually the last person to write a letter like this and am almost embarrassed by doing so. Also, I purchased my ticket through the Official Weird Al web site during the Pre-Sale. I was told that my ticket would be shipped to me before the show. I checked the onlune status every day to see if it had shipped. I was really starting to get concerened when it was 4 days before the show and no ticket had arrived. I called customer service and sent an e-mail explaining the situation. Someone called me back the next day and explained that the fan club did not send the tickets out to the web site in time for them to make it to the fans, and that we could pick them up the day of the show at will call. I called Celebrity Theatre that day and they said they had no record of my purchase but that these things do happen. So I called customer service again and told them that there was no ticket waiting for me. They assured me that it would be there on the day of the show and were sendind e-mails to confirm this to everyone who purchased a ticket. 1 day before the show, I received the e-mail confirmation and a letter that stated the service charge for the pre-order and shipping charges would be credited back to my account. At this point, I was more worried about not having a ticket. I got to the box office and the ticket was there as promised. But it left me not having any faith in the online ordering system. I hope this has not offended you in anyway but I just thought it was something you should know. I look forward to the release of the next album and all future albums as well. As far as attending the next live show, well, I am undecided at this point. I don’t even know if you will ever see this letter and will most likely get some hate mail from fans who think I am a jerk or whatever. Again, just wanted to make you aware.

    Best regards,
    Carl M.

  7. Hoping like Crazy you’ll be doing some Irish concerts as well Al. Isn’t too much of a jaunt over from London!

      • Jacob The Meister!!!
      • Posted September 5, 2010 at 3:19 AM
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      Your Merely hoping. Your Irish. Xx. I have equal parts: Irish, Scots, Welsh English and Norwegian. The insanity plea never works…….

        • Jacob The Meister!!!
        • Posted September 5, 2010 at 3:23 AM
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        Oh, I am Australian, thus live in Australia,Victoria if you like that kind of localization. We get your comedians by the bus full. Dave Callan (excuse if the spelling is wrong) is an old favorite, he has both a radio and touring live act. Been on tv in the past as well.

          • Jacob The Meister!!!
          • Posted September 5, 2010 at 3:27 AM
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          A tall, bearded, well read and personable fellow. Also Irish, or so he claims….. Good for him! Makes him sound like he missed the boat 200 years ago and wants to fit in! 😉

  8. If u read this u should do a parody of sledgehammer.

      • Jacob The Meister!!!
      • Posted September 5, 2010 at 3:16 AM
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      I say the song shall be named, “Midge Slammer!”. All yours Al.

  9. Hello Al: I’m American but live in England. I’m in Humboldt Country for the summer. My in-laws are 35-year subscribers to Center Arts at the Van Duzer Theatre in Arcata, CA where you’re performing Mon 23 August.

    My in-laws GAVE AWAY their tickets to your show instead of giving them my kids/their grandchildren (ages 11 and 13) who are big fans of yours. (“His music is too loud.”) I was flabbergasted, and had promised my kids that there would be a big treat at the end of the summer if they practiced their fiddles everyday. (They practiced.) I have been searching for tickets to the sold-out show and as a last-ditch effort, I’m up at midnight the night before the show hoping and hoping that it might be possible to get back stage passes since their own seats have now been given away. (The theatre can verify the last name: “Aalto”!)

    I realize you’re playing in England, but the venues aren’t compatible with our location/school dates in December.

    My kids would absolutely keel over if they were to meet you and somehow now see your show. If you read this prior to your show, the impression you’ll make on these budding musicians will be unforgettable.

    Thank you for considering this last-minute request.

    Kind regards,
    Kathryn Aalto

  10. weird al can you do me a favor please can you come to mexico i know to many people that sing your songs please xome here to mexico!

  11. Hey Al…My kids and I just saw you at Applebees in Beloit, Wisconsin. We didn’t want to interrupt your dinner, but we just want to thank you for many years of great family entertainment! We’ve seen you in concert three times, and I’m sure we will see you many more. Hope you enjoy the midwest.

  12. Your Highness Wierd Al: Just got new supply of Round Bottomed Flasks with Prety Flower Decals. How About IT. Boulder Night in Washington,dc. Gonna ds Promote Wierd AL for UK Dates in Dec on, My RED UK Hangout.

    Hey computing starting new processor, very high, doing Hexadecimal work, as invented hexadecimal in 1959, now into cpugpu & sandbox archtecture, so start up from bottom deep levels.

    Remember take b balanced complex 250 mgm daily renews nerve growth & AL, Party ON>


  13. That Boom Boom Pow song is very popular. You should do a parity of it. It looks like another opportunity for a food song parody. Maybe chineese food.

    Same goes for that Fireflies song by the Owl People. Neckties? ugly ties?

  14. Hey Al,

    Just wanted to let you and the band know that your show at the MN State Fair tonight was awesome. Thanks for coming!

  15. Dear Al,
    We recently attended your concert in Chehalis, WA. Great show! Our 12 yr old daughter begged us to take her. We finally agreed, even though it was 5 hours from our home, plus a ferry ride. After purchasing these tickets, you then added a show in Nanaimo, BC (1 hour from our home). So, she got to see that show too! Nanaimo was the first show. Both times she brought with her a little red guitar that she made to sing “Eat it” at her school Idol show. She placed 3rd. In Nanaimo, you left right away and did not sign autographs, so she had very high hopes of getting to see and meet you in Chehalis. I have to tell you that she was deeply saddened as she watched a small group of people taken back to meet you, however she was not allowed. We even asked if someone would simply take the guitar back to you to have it signed, and all we got was NO. Melissa made a suggestion to us to try and see you, and that ended with security telling a mom, a dad and a little girl to leave the fairgrounds (we were such a threat). At the same time, she watched you walk on your bus. I have to tell you that we felt really great after the concert, however my daughter was crushed after being told to leave. She is a HUGE fan of yours.
    At this time I would like to ask you; If you could send her an autographed photo, she would be ecstatic! I cannot tell you how much this would mean to her. She is a sweet little girl, who simply wanted to meet her Idol, you- Weird Al. She was so close, yet so far from doing so. Thank you so much. Connie


  17. My Husband is wearing your shirt to work again… So it reminded me what a great time we all had at the OC Fair!
    The concert you (and the band) put on was beyond spectacular and better than anything I could have imagined or have seen by other “rock” bands.

    I don’t usually write to people but I noticed in some of the video clips there were visual jokes (parodies) seemingly unrelated to the song. And I found my way to this site because the “Amish Paradise” shirt’s back had a nagging resemblance to the old Postum label from the 70’s and I was trying to see if anyone else had put the two together. It’s too close to be by accident, so extra cool!

    Also I was totally blown away by the chanting/ vocal exercise thing you and the band did at the end of the encore. That just proved to me how talented you guys really are. I mean alot of bands can hardly sing there own songs live. But you were singing in a bunch of different styles and ranges to suit the parody live and on key! Thanks for a great evening! Good luck in Europe, you’ll do great, England is the home of parodied pub songs!

  18. hi my name is kevin and im 11 years old and i am a big fan. I have 3 of your songs on my ipod and i memorized them all. wouldnt it be funny if u did a parody of eminem’s song not afraid. Thanks for your great songs!

  19. I think it’s kind of chincy that you released a third cd, but with only six songs on it. Was that your idea Al, or the record company’s? Anyways, too bad that movie got cancelled. Can’t wait for the new album, the new polka is great, although not as good as your last three, but the material you have to work with isn’t as good.

  20. That’s a bummer about the movie but maybe this way, Al can be the main character. Someone will want to produce this.

    Have you guys seen St Sanders work?
    The Beatles one is not only hilarious but is stuck in my head and wont get out. Same thing happened with his “Shred” on the Stones.

    • Jacob The Meister!!!
    • Posted September 5, 2010 at 3:11 AM
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    ….OR any of there Pagan polka Metal hits from YORRE!!!!!!!…..Now that would Weird Al on the stage of EPIC DEMI-GODS OF METAL-POLKA!!!!!!……does Weord Al have it?……..hmmmm…….hmmm……a question withinside a bun mithin an enigma……. in some conceptual oven……hmmmmmmm…..smells fresh!!

    • Jacob The Meister!!!
    • Posted September 5, 2010 at 3:32 AM
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    Love your work Al!! 😉

    • Jacob The Meister!!!
    • Posted September 5, 2010 at 3:35 AM
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    i suggest you check out current Folk Metal acts. Much accordion and fiddler’n abounds…….pagan roots of all things in great sounding stuff in general. have fun dude!

  21. Great show at the Minnesota State Fair. Hope you got to experience some random fried food on a stick while you were here!

    However, I was rather disappointed you didn’t have any Weird Al Bobble heads for sale. I was looking forward to adding to my collection. Okay, so my collection currently consists just a Ben Folds bobble head. I had visions of another Al-Ben collaboration, but I guess I’ll just have to wait. In true MN State Fair fashion, maybe you could convince someone to carve your head out of butter, and use that as your bobble head design.

  22. Marilyn Manson just took off his make up and guess what He-she LOOKS EXTACLY LIKE WEIRD AL!!!! twins seperated at birth. check it out for youself!


  24. I simply find it awesome that he’s so excited about the European tour. And yes the “2010 Tour” just screams creative. Update Al you need to update everyone we care well not really but are nosy enough to pretend we want to know 😀 haha okay well take care ❤ Ginger

  25. How come Al didn’t come to Myrtle Beach, it seems like this was usually one of his stops while on tour.

  26. We lost Kevin McCarthy last week. Best know for his role in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and for the role of R.J. Fletcher in “UHF”

  27. I know Al does not read these, but in case he does, UHF 2. That’s it.

    • UHF, definitely a high level mark. And fans clamoring for UHF 2? Come on Al, time for the Masterwork….

  28. Just wanted to let you know that you’ve been mentioned in a piece about Len Peralta on The story went live today — enjoy!


  29. We need to start a petition to get the ALmighty Al Yankovic into the Rock & Roll hall of fame. People who don’t think what he does (or you do if you actually read this, Al) requires talent are sorely mistaken! His music is an art and it can’t be overlooked when it comes to musical talent.

  30. There is a Promoter that would like to see you get to host Saturday Night Live. Since you’re kinda free, check out the website on facebook.

  31. Weird Al, I woke up this morning with the perfect idea for a parody song: A parody of Lady GaGa’s “Alejandro” called “Jalepeno.” You’re welcome.

  32. Nice. Now you need to Al this place up.

  33. next time you tour canada, you should come to dawson creek B.C. its not the nicest place, but we get concerts ALL the time and if you came to town that would be like a dream come true but im not sure the encana centre could hold every body 😉

  34. Al, I want to interview you for El Tiempo, colombian newspaper. It’s very hard to contact you through record labels. So, if you think it’s possible, please, let me know. Thanks a lot for everything, greetings from Colombia.

  35. i love your music. please+ 1000000000000000000000 times make a sequel to uhf

  36. love tour.

  37. I don’t know if u guys have thought about this or are in the process but will you please consider the idea of getting together with rockband or band hero to get a weird al game?! My daughter loves rockband and your music!!!

  38. omg! the rock band idea is amazing! i would definetly play that!!!! 😀 (p.s. nature trail to hell would be so much fun to play)

  39. Shame on you Al. All of your videos going all the way back to at least Dare to be Stupid have been pulled by the respective companies. Way to die in the new world music biz. I love your work and have been a fan since you started, but if your distribution companies are going to pull all your work from free to see sites like you tube then your musical future is closed. You have always been one who goes against the “grain” as it were. Do so now and take true control of your back catalog. You will sell more back albums allowing our old videos to be played for free then hiding them in some king midas’ vault for fear that the slovenly fat untalented twat sitting atop the mound will miss a few ass scrubbings, money wise that is… remember yourself al. Love,a life long fan.

  40. I think there is great potential with Taylor Swift’s song “Fifteen”. The song should be called “Fifty” (approx Al’s age) and all the things good or bad about turning the big 50. I’ll leave the details up to you!

    Just a thought.

  41. Hello there, Weird Al. I’ve been a fan of yours since “Fat”.

    I want to propose a song for you to parody, named “London Girl” by Lil J (official video here:

    The recurring theme is the singer singing, “I’m in love with a London girl…”

    I have several ideas, but one I think would be hilarious would be…

    GOLDEN – Betty White, whom I believe is the last surviving actress from the TV sitcom “The Golden Girls”, has been a pretty feisty and popular TV personality lately (e.g. her Snickers commercial). You could incorporate her into your video!

    tungsten – Maybe the tungsten girl “lights up” the guy’s life?

    munchkin – Might be somewhat unPC, but nevertheless amusing.

    bespin – In case Lucas is planning a future Star Wars endeavor, this could approach the excellence of your “Jedi Song”.

    Of these I think “I’m in love with a GOLDEN girl…” might be a hit, but of course I leave it up to you to decide whether it’s worthy of your parodification.

    Thanks much for your consideration, and your wonderful parodies over the years!

  42. hay al try to play at the riverside this year i went to one this year and well im not gonna lie it was the B.E.S.T p.s it was my first consert and it could not of been better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Weird Al’s first ever UK tour!!!
    I was so excited, untill I saw there was no Scottish dates. 😦


  44. Hi,
    I was talking with my 10 year old son the other day, about you and your music. He was telling me how much he likes it and we love to listen to it on the way into town. which usually takes about an hour. He asked me if when you ever came to town, if I could take him. I thought this would be awesome. I grew up with your music and I am overjoyed that my son enjoys it to. As a matter of fact he was the one who suggested that I look at your web site, (stupid me never thought of that before). I don’t want to ramble on. I just wanted to take a moment and say Thank you. Your a very talented and imaginative man. Keep up the good work, I look forward to it.

    • The thing is, Ivor, I’m 10, I listen to Weird Al, my parents used to when I was little, and now it drives them insane when I play it! Fat…rocky Road.. Santa Went Crazy… you name it! I would definitely go if Weird Al came to my town!!! 😀

  45. Al, I love ur songs! ever since I was eight (I am now 18) I’ve been wanting to write parodies of songs, and u, my friend, have inspired me immensely. I’ve done ten parodies so far, but not actually made them into proper songs yet. I DO have an idea for u, though. I don’t no if u no ABBA, but I think it would be great if ABBA was finally made fun of. Here’s a good idea. try making a song for Pikachu from Pokemon and do a song from abba about him.
    P.s. Is there REALLY going to be a weird Al Movie?

  46. Looking for Weird Al’s comment on Leslie Nielsen’s passing today…

  47. Just seen him perform in Birmingham, fantastic show and he played so much and was incredibly good fun, the guy is brilliant. Do not miss out, the venue wasn’t even sold out so people missed out there.

    • Ditto for Manchester. Saw him perform at the Manchester Academy on the 3rd and can pretty much echo what Alex has already said. Those “public information” and Al TV clips between the songs were hilarious as well!

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