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When you’re 105 years old, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to regale your great, great grandchildren with the story of how you were once an unpaid extra in a Weird Al music video?

Well, now’s your chance.

As I may have mentioned previously, I’m going to be shooting a music video soon, and if you’ve got absolutely nothing better to do, you’re welcome to help me make it!

Basically, we’re looking for a dozen or so extras to be paparazzi in a scene or two. We will consider pretty much anybody, but we’re particularly looking for males between, oh, 25 and 45 years old. And – this is important – you’d need to bring your own professional (or at least professional-looking) camera equipment.

So… if this sounds like your idea of a good time, here’s what you do. Send a digital picture of yourself holding your camera – along with your e-mail and phone number – to:

I won’t set a deadline for submissions, but the earlier you send in your pic, the better chance you’ll have of getting picked.

We’ll shoot this scene on Sunday, May 15. Los Angeles area people only, please.

The video will be released pretty much simultaneously with my new album (Alpocalypse, out June 21).




  1. Oh.. I’m from Brazil =/
    Wish Weird Al could come for a tour here.. We love him here =D

  2. 42 y/o male, living in the Netherlands… dang! Oh well, next time you’re playing again in Amsterdam I’ll be there!

  3. Came up with a great start for Beyonce put a ring on it. IF YOUR NAPPY THAN SHOULD HAVE PUT A WIG ON IT. Undoubtedly a Hit!!!!!!! Contact me when the royalties start rollin in!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Al, I live in Albuquerque, and would love to be in your video, but will not be in LA at that time. However, my boys and I are such huge fans. I can’t explain how huge….. HUGE. You are truly the one and only artist we talk about being as the greatest person we could ever get the chance to see in concert. You should stop in Albuquerque on your way through to Arizona, so many people would love to see you here, AND you have a song about it!! Please, please consider it. Thank you so much!! Sincerely, Kate

  5. al,
    u are the only celeb that i know who did’nt get “hollyfied”
    it would be my dream to meet u.
    id be syked to be in ur vid and my bff likes u too, i like u more though. u r the coolest celeb ever in my world.

    i wish i could be in your vid but im 9 and im only a tomboy.

    u mite like a news boy to take a pic of u for the paper and ur lookin at him/ her.
    pleas choose me !

  6. hey, my bro is a huge fan and i guess he found out that your in L.A., can the peple of L.A. whatch you film the music video on Sunday!

  7. I thought of these alternate lyrics this morning while shaving:
    “I’ve got eleven kids, will I ever live to see twelve?
    The way things are going I don’t know.
    We be lovin’ most our wives
    livin’ in an Amish paradise…”

  8. hey!! can you please check out my blog Al?

    It’s called It Isn’t Slutty If You’re Wearing Pearls

    Here’s the link!


  9. I have made a few lines for this parody song “Welcome to McDonald’s”. The original name for it is called “Welcome to the Jungle” and i would like for you to work on it and get an approval from “Axl. Rose” of Guns N’ Roses. If the idea interests you, then Email me, and i will send you the lines i have wrote. Thanks!

  10. Al ,a new song, “The pretending bagel”

  11. u should make a song called crap tonight (kryptonite by 3 doors down)it could be about eating something that makes u constipated when it says i new it had to be something to do with you, you should say i new it had to be something to do with food!!! 🙂

    • would repeats his works of “constipated” a parody of avril lavigne’s “complicated”

  12. Hi Al. Your music pretty much encapsulated a good part of my high school/middle school existence and I dont know if this means much but now my three year old has had your kids book read to him and he dances to your music. As long as you put out great music I’ll dish out the $. Hope you come to Baltimore.


  13. Al,
    This has nothing to do with being in a video although that would be cool. I just wanted to drop you a line if I could. I took my two boys to your concert in Glenside, Pa. on 5/20/2011. I can honestly say it was the most fun I have ever had at a concert. I listened to you while in my senior year in high school and you were my idol. This was the first concert my sons had ever been to and they had a blast, my oldest is 18 the same age I was when I became a fan. I have to tell you the energy that you put into that show was just shy of amazing, it was very entertaining. I know you are busy so I won’t take up any more of your time. I just wanted to share with you how cool it was that my sons and I were able to share this together and make one hell of a memory.
    Thanks for all you do.

  14. Awww! Living in the Midwest.

    Though I am attending the Effingham show…need a paparazzi for that show?

  15. Hi Al,
    Also, nothing to do with being in your video although I think my son would love it! (Too young though). Just wanted to let you know that he was seriously disappointed at not being able to attend your concert here locally while you were at Turning Stone. We tried to get tickets, but were told we could not because he wasn’t 18 (he’s 11). Any chance of getting a signed photo?

  16. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I have been near you. I even travelled from the vibrant climes of West LA to be near you in the OC (its astonishing propensity of mini-malls hurts my eyes) at a county fair a few years back. I remember not only because especially of you, but because I bought prints of an excellent picture there with my raving fan of a now 18-year-old daughter (do such things grow more powerful with each generation? *this* aspect of mother-daughter relationship shall, of course, reveal in due course), took her there along with her perhaps-most-raving-fan girlfriend (your female doppelganger, yes ~ that’s right) who has pledged to me to my face not to stalk you… Had one of those dress-up pictures taken with them in that AWEsome Wild-Wild-West PhotoBooth thingie. Never done that before or since. It was PURRfect. And yes. I am happily married. I pray on my knees you are as well. I will only come onto you in my dreams, and still, to be certain, we will remain faithful to our beloved mates and it shall be all the so much sweeter … Yes … I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I pray, Sir, of course, that I have not creeped you out. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Posted May 26, 2011 at 5:25 PM
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    just want to say that i just got ho,e from a show in marion OH, omg it was an awesome show. i bought tickets 2 months ago and exactly 10 days ago my father passed away unexpectidly. i was crushed and weird al was the last thing on my mind, as tonight approached i wasnt really in the mood but i promised my 10 yr old son and my nephew we would still go and all i can say is “THANK YOU AL!!!” this is the first night that i havent spent all evening depressed and crying over the loss of my father. when u cam into the audience and i actually got to sing with you it made my night! i want to thank you for the joy and laughter you bring to the world! My son and i thank you from the bottom of our hearts! he will be proudly sporting his Al shirt tomorrow for the last day of school. i myself didnt get a shirt because i only had enuf$ for his and his sisters shirts but my memories of the first good laugh i have had in weeks is plenty enough for me. THANK YOU THANK YOU AL!! WE LUV YA

  17. I here that you’re gonna be up in MI soon. Might just drop by and see the show.

  18. I sent a photo of me and my camera but no response at all *sigh* Guess I was too late. Anyways, already bought tickets to your concert in Santa Ynez, CA. Hopefully I can snag a autograph or pic with you.

  19. nice! i like this article.

  20. I have no comment…yet.. about the video. Can’t wait to see it tho!!
    The comment I do have is that you put on one heckuva GREAT CONCERT!! My wife and I had the honor of catching you in late May at the casino in MI! Her and I have been big fans for a very long time 😉 😉 And that show came 2 days after her birthday. It was a great present for her, to say the LEAST!! 😉 We even left the show with some great souvenirs! TRADING CARDS!! :-p lol LUV’EM… Which, by the way, are they available elsewhere?? Haven’t been able to find anymore just yet :-S
    P.S. Thanks so much for (well, coincidentally) combining my favorite piano song ever with my fave superhero of all time! I luv “Ode to a Superhero”!! And in the show your dude holding the harmonica (or harp) was HILARIOUS, simply cuz he looked bored!! lol GREAT PERFORMANCE!!…by YOU that is 😉
    Thanks Al for coming to MI
    Can’t wait to see ya again!
    ROCK ON!!

  21. Hey Al,

    I am sad to hear you decided to cancel on us here in Central Washington at the state fair. The way the media here has told the story your management double booked for the date and we were apparently the one you cared less about so we got a cancel notice. Today they replaced you with Trace Adkins and noted that you were easy to replace and that he was a bigger name. Pretty much some crappy publicity for you here sorry to say. I’ve been watching you at the fair here for years and I’m sad to see you aren’t coming. I would have a chat with your management about it if you didn’t know about this.


  22. Hey Al-I know you’re busy promoting your newest CD. I was hoping you would come to the Meadowbrook Celluar Pavilion, Gilford, NH. The shirt you signed with the sharpie is starting to fade. On a good note, many folks at Hampton Beach like the 2010 concert shirt. I get a lot of positive comments on that one. Well, all I can say is I hope you can fit it into your schedule to come next year. If so, that’ll be my 7th show. You keep getting better and better. Good choice having Aaron Paul play your character in your sure to be Acadamy Word winning film.
    Let’s hope the movie will happen.

    I also like Jim West’s Hawaiian slack guitar CD. I had it with me last year, but they would not let me approach him to have him autograph it. He was very busy, so I undersood-just disappointed.

    Have a great tour! Thanks for making me laugh all these years! Holly

  23. Hi!

    This is off-topic, but I can’t find a general comments section….

    I was just wondering why you didn’t play more with the word “Apocalypse.” You could have emphasized the second “Al” in the word “Alpocalypse” (as in “AlpocAlypse”). Or, you could have done “AlPolkalypse” 🙂 Just figured someone as goofy as you would have done either one of these…


  24. (or even: “AlPolkaLips”)

  25. ty for dropping new album. just missing one old song video killed the radio star remake to reality killed the video star. seriously does MTV ever have music on?

  26. I think ” Got Money” would be a good song. Got Money and you know it put it in your pocket and close it, or maybe zip it could work as well.

  27. I just want to say thanks for near 20 years of keeping me sane. You’ve helped me get through a GED; Thesis then Dual Thesis then Triple Thesis during undergrad, a Graduate Thesis, a Second Graduate thesis, and a rounding on a Doctoral Dissertation–every time with a referent to you. I’ve loved your work for some time but have only recently discovered your blog. So to that end, thank you. I hope you get the opportunity to read the scientific work that was in some remote way as a part of your influence–try to find my joke.

  28. Well it’s past the video deadline obviously lol and I’m no male either, but if you have need for a female extra age 26 for any future video productions, then I’ll be more than happy to volunteer. My facebook is listed and I’m also a DJ for if you need or want to contact me. I hope I can be a part of the Weird Al music video experience one day :-). I love his work and the new “Perform this Way” video was great. Keep it up. Take Care, Christy.

    • i wish i could be a music video but im only 10! i will never forget you! i so want your autograph! send a pic of it pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase!?

  29. You Rock!!!!

  30. You Rock!!!!!!!

  31. i wish i could be in a music video but im only 10! never forget u! can u send me a picture of your autograph please sir (or mr. which ever you prefer)?

  32. You rock my socks off

  33. I think so. I think your article will give those people a good reminding. And they will express thanks to you later

  34. Al,
    if I want to do parodies like you’re doing – do I need permission. Or will my content be blocked or audio-swapped on youtube?

  35. Sonja here…you sat on my lap at Konocti harbor while singing and wrapped a white scarf around my neck…people offered me 100.00 and I said no. A couple of years later saw you again there but it was very windy…I didn’t get the scarf 😦 but close. Love you much and want to see you again. (6 foot tall blonde)

  36. Will you be asking for more volunteers if you shoot another video? Because if you do, I’ll do it. Just let us know. Oh, and if you do do another video with volunteers, It would be easier if you did it in WA, but I can do whatever.

  37. Is there any age too young to be in a music video? (I’m 13)

    • @Nicholas: Probably only if it requires nudity …


  39. Why isn’t Bad Hair Day on Itunes anymore?

  40. I was disappointed to find that the Taylor Swift parody, TMZ, was inappropriate, because I really loved that song, and it’s inappropriate due to the line before “seconds later its up on the website”.

  41. I have an awesome idea for a parody. Who/where could I send a copy of the script?

  42. how about Call me maybe into man boob crazy

  43. Wow I’d like to but I’m 12 and I live 3 states away from LA

  44. google law firm

  45. u need to re release video collection and add the missing video ‘livin in the fridge’ put me n a video!!

    • Elisabeth Mitchell
    • Posted October 9, 2013 at 9:45 AM
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    Hey! Yesterday you were at the turning stone casino and you sang ” I wanna B your lovr” to my first my great aunts daughter. I was wondering if you could post a video. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks.

      • Elisabeth Mitchell
      • Posted October 11, 2013 at 10:04 AM
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      by the way, you’re absolutely hilarious and I hope I get lucky enough to meet you some day.

      xo : )

  46. Use my hubby if ever you need an extra, he deserves to meet you more than I do, He’s been your fan allot longer than I have before I was even born. Plus he’s your long lost twin lol.

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