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When you’re 105 years old, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to regale your great, great grandchildren with the story of how you were once an unpaid extra in a Weird Al music video?

Well, now’s your chance.

As I may have mentioned previously, I’m going to be shooting a music video soon, and if you’ve got absolutely nothing better to do, you’re welcome to help me make it!

Basically, we’re looking for a dozen or so extras to be paparazzi in a scene or two. We will consider pretty much anybody, but we’re particularly looking for males between, oh, 25 and 45 years old. And – this is important – you’d need to bring your own professional (or at least professional-looking) camera equipment.

So… if this sounds like your idea of a good time, here’s what you do. Send a digital picture of yourself holding your camera – along with your e-mail and phone number – to:

I won’t set a deadline for submissions, but the earlier you send in your pic, the better chance you’ll have of getting picked.

We’ll shoot this scene on Sunday, May 15. Los Angeles area people only, please.

The video will be released pretty much simultaneously with my new album (Alpocalypse, out June 21).




  1. I was soo excited when I read this! 😀 But.. I live in Norway.. AND I’m 15 years old.


    • I agree…
      I find it offensive that only a small area of people can participate in such events, what about us “far-out” people?

      • You find it “offensive” that he’s not going to fly people from all over the country/world to come take part, instead of reaching out to the people most accessible? You might want to re-evaluate your definition of “offensive”.

      • If you want to be in this video, feel free to fly to Los Angeles.

    • I was very excited too until I saw the day. I’m living in Norway right now and don’t go home to the US until June 1…

  2. Where will you be shooting (city?)

  3. Why do i have to live in Ohio????

    • I was thinking the same thing. LOL I even have a professional camera complete with big nasty flash unit.

  4. Damn. I am in Cleveland. Damn this large country and travel expenses.

  5. if I wear a mustache…. can I be in the video?

  6. All I’ve got is an Olympus digital and a Flip.

  7. ratz, I don’t think my flip is a professional camera

  8. Male : check
    25-45: check
    Has professional camera: check
    In Los Angeles: Noooooo!

    Dammit! You could come over to the UK, record it here and do another tour (hint hint!)

    • Ditto on beebware’s comment, but hit up Nova Scotia on your way accross the pond, would ya? We miss you and your Halifax Dance here! 🙂 ❤

  9. Al,

    I have the photo and video gear, I am in your age range. I am creepy looking, but I live in NYC. Change the location, or come up with a NYC based scene I can shoot for you. I have been a HUGE fan for many many years. In fact, the first cassette I ever purchased was Polka Party when it was first released! Oh well, if it must be in LA, so be it, but I want dibs on the next AL video! Good luck.

  10. Aaaaaaand cue the insane excitement… Good luck Angelenos with cameras.. How I wish I were one of you

  11. Holy crap (pardon my French), this would be a dream come true for me. Alas, I live in Portland.

  12. ARGH! I am in TX and I am female.. but I have the camera. Gr.

    And I can guess what song this is for.. and it sounds like fun.

    Can’t wait, but have to, to see it!

  13. Ok I can do it! Now how to take a pic of myself with my camera…. Gotta figure that one out. =\

    • Dude, myspace style mirror pic.

  14. Damn I’m also in Ohio, if you woulda done it last year I woulda been in san Diego though 😦


    • "Different Toby" Peregrino
    • Posted May 6, 2011 at 6:35 AM
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    Why LA area only? I think some of your fans would pay to fly there & be in your video. I know I would! Representing the Ill Mil (Milwaukee, WI).

  16. OK thats 3 people in Ohio, maybe you should relocate the shoot to Youngstown or Toledo?

    • make it 4 in ohio man i thought i was the only al fan in ohio lol i get made fun of for liking him at school. im 14 and live in medina, ohio like 30 min from cleveland. lol

  17. I guess a digital won’t do and I am 47 but look 40 (sometimes younger). Getting older stinks ! I am a die-hard Al fan and have played your music so often that I have actually driven people away ! I don’t live that far away… I am in Az. Oh well , when you have a video that requires people over 40 shoot me an email !

  18. Wah wah wah. Change the requirements/parameters because your casting needs don’t apply to me!


  19. Dang 3/4 of the way there. If I was in LA I would so be there, especially since I am currently unemployed.

  20. Is it being filmed at Downey Studios?

  21. no females? i gotta camera & live in the LA area….

  22. Well, let me see…
    Male: nope
    California: nope
    Camera: nope… unless, smart phone? lol
    Age range: check!
    Well, 1 out of 4… aint good lmao. But if you’re ever in oklahoma needing a cowgirl for a video, i’ll ne there! Lol. I’m a lifelong Al fan. Good luck man

  23. Sorry Al, i’m in Ohio but would have love’d to be in your video. Been a lifetime fan. Can’t wait for the new cd.

  24. Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Camera: Check
    Location: Orange County… close enough
    Picture: Just submitted!

  25. gees…im in Western Australia… bummer ( thanks for coming over to perth again, come back soon! 🙂

  26. This works for me since I have a lot of cameras and live in LA. Screw you guys, i’m going to be in weird al video

  27. I am sooooo… gonna ask my wife about this

  28. Oh Al….if only…..I will be in Los Angeles mid-June, and I am a SFX Make-up artist and I COULD make myself look like a fat 45 year old male running around with a Pentax 35mm camera….in actuality I am your age and a female….and I live in Reno, NV. Let me know when you will be here, yes another life long fan…and the last time I saw you was mid-80’s in a nightclub on Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks area….there was a Marilyn Monroe look alike competition and I was a competitor. Best wishes to you and I am looking forward to your new album!

  29. Looking forward to the new video!!

  30. Dang, LA area only, and pretty soon. Otherwise I’d love to bust out the camera gear and be in a video. I totally fit the bill – big camera, 27-ish year old male photographer. Dangit!

  31. Male : nope.
    25-45: I am 45, but look younger.
    Has professional camera: check
    In Los Angeles: No… is San Diego too far?

  32. All of a sudden, I really really really really REALLY want to be living in LA. This is cool enough to buy a plane ticket for.

  33. Dangit! I meet all the qualifications but I’m not in L.A.!

  34. No camera but I have an accordion I don’t know how to play…

  35. When I first saw the title, I thought, “Is James Blunt posting on YouTube or something?”

    You know, a “wanna be” in a music video…

  36. Bet you get a million fans showing up.

  37. Wish it was in oregon portland. What a night we can spend the day eating oh girls just wanna have lunch.

  38. That’s my birthday! 😀

    Alas, I am neither a male, nor between the ages of 25 and 45. Might as well try, anyways.

    (PS I’m about a mile closer to sd than la. Do I still count?)

  39. AL … I think that it would be very timely should you do a parody song with lyric regarding the FRAUDCLOSURE CRISIS and how the banks used the people finding THEIR MONEY FOR NOTHING AND THEIR CHICKS FOR FREE !!!

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    Your super star status and personality would be greatly appreciated in bringing this national problem to the attention of all by all.

    Best regards,

    Darrell A. Kanka

  40. What if you only own one camera, and therefore cannot take a photo of yourself holding that camera, huh?! WHAT THEN!?

    Dude, if you live far out from Los Angeles, you had better give up your dream of making it big in Hollywood, and start dreaming of making it big wherever you are. til then, ride the waaambulance.

    – L

    • Ask a friend to take the picture!

    • Use a mirror.

      If you don’t own a mirror, then you probably don’t live in LA anyway.

  41. Umm. Seems there is sort of a time paradox here. How can I take a picture of me holding my camera while taking the picture?

    Pose, then move forward in time and take the picture, or take a picture and then go backward in time and pose?

    This is way to confusing, count me out.

    • Take a mirror picture. Or have someone else take it.

  42. I live in Orange County, have a pretty decent camera, and I’m 30… but, I happen to be of the female persuasion… Does that count me out? I could probably pull off the male look.. I can do butch!

  43. My pics with me and my camera have been sent! Here’s hoping I’m picked! This would be a dream come true for me!

  44. NOOO it isnt in Michigan!! and nooo you could have released it on my Birthday June 20th…..

  45. Damn! Al!!! Why didn’t you shoot this when you were in Sydney? – I’ve got several male friends who fit the bill perfectly!

    Good luck with the video!

    Muhahaha, Alpocalypse. Good one.

  46. YES!! I fit all of these AND am free next Sunday!! I am SO in. Hope I get picked… this would be such a fun gig and a great honor! =D

    *crosses fingers*

  47. No thanks I wont wanna be in a video….
    I am happy the way I am..


  48. This is so cool! You get to have your fans in your own video…or whoever happens to be sitting around……and bored……or, whatever. XD I wish I could go. I AM old enough(25), but I live on the east side, and I have NO WAY of getting to the west. Plus, I don’t have a professional camera. Bummer. Good luck with the vid, though! Yeeehaaaww!!

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