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Well, hey there.

It seems like just yesterday (but actually it was two months ago) that I got the news Lady Gaga had officially approved my parody of “Born This Way.” Ever since that moment, things have been absolutely insane (in a good way).

For starters, we were able to immediately begin work on the “Perform This Way” music video (which is now done… you can see it HERE). This is the first music video I’ve directed since “White & Nerdy,” and it marks the very first time that I have performed in drag (as far as you know). I want to send out a huge thank you to the other cast members: Vlada Gorbaneva (the body), Marissa Heart (the contortionist), Holly Beavon (the Madonna), Josuè De La Vega & Phil Collins (the dancers) and particularly all the wonderful Twitter followers, band members, friends and relatives who showed up on the set to be paparazzi. The crew was awesome as well – I think this might have been my most fun shoot ever.

Also, in the last month, the band and I did 20 live shows in 20 cities – thanks to everybody who came out to see them. The official Alpocalypse Tour will start in July – we’ll be doing a week’s worth of shows leading up to two performances at Massey Hall in Toronto (where we’ll be recording the concert for a TV special airing later this year!) – and then we’ll do a couple more months’ worth of touring in the fall.

So anyway, the album is out TODAY. (Or, if you’re reading this after June 21, 2011… just do the math.) It’s available at myplaydirect, iTunes, Amazon, Amazon MP3 and if you can find one, even at actual record stores!! If you bought Internet Leaks and/or “Perform This Way” on iTunes, as promised, you will be able to use their “Complete My Album” function to get the full album without re-purchasing the tracks you already own. If you order through myplaydirect, you’ll have the option to get some super-fancy-deluxe album packages.

The physical album is available in two configurations – as a regular CD in a standard plastic jewel case with a 20-page color booklet, or (for just slightly more) as a deluxe version with both a CD and DVD in a digipak (also with the color 20-page booklet) as well a cool embossed cover with gold foil lettering. The DVD includes music videos for ten (TEN!!) of the songs on the new album.

The “Perform This Way” video is unfortunately not on the new album’s DVD (we just finished it a couple days ago, for crying out loud) but it’s available on iTunes right now. And I tweeted a while back that we were doing a video for every single song on the new album. I wasn’t lying! That means I’m also doing a video for “Polka Face” – the first time I’ve ever done an “official” video for one of my polka medleys. 10 separate directors are currently working on this… it will be mostly animated, but there’s a tiny bit of live action as well. It’ll be out in about a month.

I announced that Alpocalypse is being released on vinyl in July, and I’m very excited about that… I was thrilled to get my very first feature piece in the New York Times… what else? Oh yeah… my children’s book When I Grow Up just got released at the iTunes store as an app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch! It’s a really cool, fun, interactive version of the book – and if you have kids (or even if you don’t) I think you’ll have a blast with it.

That’s all the updates I can think of right now. Thanks, everybody, for your continued support and for your wonderful reviews of the new album – I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!

Your pal,


  1. you rock Al, I just wanted to tell you.
    greetings from Firenze, Italy
    an Italian fan

  2. Hi Al
    I’m making a movie, and I’d like to use one of your songs in it. How can I get in touch?

    • A MOVIE!!! I LIKE ACTING!!! 🙂

  3. weirdal rulz

  4. d’you think you could cover The Bee Gees ‘More Than a Woman’ aka ‘Bald-headed Woman’ ?

  5. weird al should do ‘Call me maybe’ parody, like a patient thats sick n dieing and can’t get treated while sitting in the ER waiting room and dies waiting for treatment and call it ‘treat me maybe’

  6. In John Secadas tune ‘just another day’ the beat sounds like the vital signs monitor on the original star trek. Just a funny thing I noticed.

    • Hey Al,

      The pop sceen is ok but ya know I wanted to provide the much needed parody to the masses with regards to the every work a day joe and was inspired to write based on the people we all love to hate at the office. I have been writing for several years now and have a few works that I am told are very funny. ie: “Your Jobs’ in Jeopardy-Baby”, “C” should stay and “B” should go Now and “Your Job can Wait”. I am sure you can guess the tunes, not really a hard reach but I do have many more that I have not shared.. I really respect what you do and it has privided me with a much needed release. providedn…….

      • You wrote a comment on AL’s (the great one) blog about a “hilarious” song that you wrote called “Your Job’s in Jeopardy,” but I hope you do realize that he made a parody of the same song called, ” I Lost on Jeopardy.”

    • what is your cell phone number wired al

    • Al, got a great opening act for you that you will fall in love with, The Ukeladies ….
      there are many copies but these are the original……..They have originals but they are great spoofs and you audience will love them…… They are all classically trained and their comedy is outrageous……Please give them a listen and consider giving them a break playing with you…….you will love them and they will love you but your audience will flip….I hope you read this or the person you have monitoring it brings this to your attention……..I loved you since the first time I heard you on Doctor Demento who would of flipped for these gals……The ball is in your court…..if you don’t see them you will be missing the treat of your life

  7. I hate it when I type so fast that I spell words wrong. Oh well you get the jest….

    • uhf 2. do it.

      • wheres my wierd al guitar hero that would be awesome i already sing wierd al’s lyrics to the songs

  8. Hey Weird Al,
    You should make a parody of the song Creepin by Eric Church. Only you should do Peepin!

  9. Hello Weird Al- Please do a song for Madonna’s vogue.

  10. sir,
    i would like to see you doing a parody of the song ‘the fighter’ by gym class could be called THE WRITER..i think it would be good!

    • Angelica from Ventura
    • Posted August 31, 2012 at 8:32 AM
    • Permalink
    • Reply

    This blog looks as if it hasn’t been updated for about a year but if you get this…Why have you not returned to the Ventura County Fair? It’s a huge venue, people love you and yet you have not been back for years, (we could not afford the Ventura theater.) Please, please book the Ventura County Fair for 2013 and save us from the crappy bands they’ve been booking.

    • Different topic….not sure of where to post it. Why not spin off of Maroon 5, and do “Moves like Shatner”. There must be hundreds of clips that can be used for that muse…..

  11. Al I just saw where my state continues to lead the nation in obesity rate. I was just thinking about how great it would be to hear you do Al Stewart’s song “The year of the cat” in your hilarious style as “The year of the fat”!!

  12. Will you tell Larry what’s wrong with his wood after sleeping with Carry Underwood?

  13. Hello – if we have a song idea w/ lyrics… is there a way of getting in touch with Weird Al to have him take a look at them?

  14. Now here IS a bad-arse parody

  15. hey al when are you coming back to tucson?

  16. Al-you’re about to miss your yearly blog post! 🙂

  17. When are you coming to Arizona?

  18. Hello,
    I don’t know if this reaches wierd al or his manager. But my sister Sammie is one of your biggest fans out there. She was recently diagnosed two Christmas ago with narcolepsy and cataplexy. She has all your books and music albums. But since she has been diagnosed doctors can’t find the right medicine for her so she is passing out and can’t stay awake long enough to come see you in concert. She has seen you once before all of this horrible mess was put upon her. My mom has bought her tickets for your concert for April, praying that she can make it. I made this email because my sister Sammie means everything to me and was wondering if there was any way to meet you in person for her. She would be in heaven. I’m willing to spend every penny on you to just say hi to her. She is also in hospital Homebound a schooling if you are to sick to go to school ( which never gets done because she is to sick) but she listens to your music sings along and just got your new book.
    Please wierd al or manager I. Will do anything to let her meet you
    Thank you for reading this Haley:)

  19. I dnt know were I can leave the opnion but make a music for thi title xD ” You suck (or fart etc) and you know it ” hehe sounds funny

  20. been a huge fan for along time…..just want to say it would be sweet to see you parody PSY – GANGNAM STYLE.

    i can just see you doing this, it feels like you style lol.

  21. so what’s going on now? Any plans for 2013?

  22. What about Jar of Hearts? Like, “who do you think you are? Running ’round chasing cars…”

  23. After the halftime show last Sunday think its time to hit “Put a Ring on it” with a version of “Put some Pants on it” Come on Al it will be great. Hitt Itt

  24. Great year and great album! Now if we can only get you inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame, I would be a very happy camper! Let’s do it weird al fans!!! xoxox

  25. Attention Al: you need to do a song to Eddie Moneys “Shakin” but use the word “Twerkin” …..Upside down and round and round…That girl was twerkin!!!!!

  26. hey weird al i was wondering if i could buy a hoodie like the one you wore in the video of white and nerdy. as big you had in the video

  27. I always loved your music man and thought you were a cool dude, but today when I went on Spotify to flip on TuneWiki I saw that the lyrics had been removed as a request from your publisher. Why the lyricnazi? What the hell has IP to do with lyrics? When did an artist EVER make money from LYRICS (in text form, duh)?? You fucking suck Al.

  28. Hey Al, here is a parody you need to check out. It’s a parody of the Family Guy theme song. It’s called, Family Guy Theme Parody (Dealer Guy). Just thought you (and everyone on here) should see it. 😀

    • I luv ur parody

  29. Hi weird al it is so cool to see ur blog

  30. I’m hoping this is an original thread, separate from other peoples’ threads. Weird Al I’ve been listening to you since I was 9. I purchased all your albums, some on tape too way back when. I know all of your songs! HAR HAR I sing in a band called Stiletto Red. . I even have a cover band that covers Gump live in downtown Orlando! I give you mad props to all the people in my audience before hand. You were the first inspiration for me to pick up a pen and start writing! SO THIS WOULD BE SO COOL OF YOU: I’d like nothing more before I die of weasel stomping at a ripe old age than to play a show in town wherever you play the day after or sometime other than the night before my Stiletto Red show (vocal rest time). Please!!!! OH PLEASE! Pretty please with hot bologna on top (which is not a gay threat!), let me know who my band should get in touch with to figure something like that out, because it would be SO COOL OF YOU.

    • AND MY BAND IS BLOWING UP RIGHT NOW = REALLY DO CHECK US OUT PLEASE! 😀 O.o Cus right now we’re going to have to sell our internal organs just to pay the rent! (WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE!) We’re opening for Sevendust on 5-27 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida! 830PM!

      • Hi, can you please pdoivre me quotations for 5 pax on your Hongkong travel promos? One of us is my 78 y.o. mother. We are planning to travel this May or if there is no available slot in May, September will be my second choice. You may email me to this address, or call me to this number, 09228614961.Thank you.

        • Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such brianillt posts.

  31. I’m not sure if you will get this in time but I have been a fan for years. My 8 year old son is a huge fan. I am surprising him for his birthday with the tickets to tonight’s show at the Meadows. If its at all possible could you wish James Belan a happy birthday and sing the largest ball of twine in Minnesota. It’s his favorite song! Thank you Al!
    Jim Belan

  32. I want full length versions of all the songs in Polka Face. They are all better then the originals and sound amazing! I’m addicted to all of them :3 You should make another album that just has the full length of all those song. I’d buy it in a heart beat.

    Keep on rocking!

  33. I wrote you a couple letters in the past and I think I have even sent you an email or two. Both were on if you could come up with song ideas that I had.
    The airhead gas bag I am I could not put two and two together without coming up with the wrong answee. Meaning? It took me as dense as I am years to realize that you do parodys of rock-n-roll songs!
    You might know Jason Red Stainbrook a diehard fan of thou! Plus a good brother in the LORD and great friend of mine! When he played your music about a year ago is when I suddenly as if a loose floor board whapped me in my face as to he telling me that your music are parodys to rock-n-roll hits!
    He said that you do not do I guess requests if you will or make up music of an idea somebody comes up with.
    But I gotta great idea you can use as a parody to a rock or whatever song! And it has been staring all of us in the face for near twenty-four years!
    You know from 1990 during the Klingon…….Clinton Sadministration cities had started “recycling programs!” The APE…..PEA…..EPA started this! And you know of they who raid the trash barrels on trash nite eves scavenging for “other people’s recyclables!”
    That is the meat of the song I have had in my head for years! “Cashin’ In On Your CRV’s!” is the name of the song I have in my head!
    Since it seems like people are rollin’ in the dough and do not need any extra cash they choose to give their sanitation outfits their CRV’s! Aluminum glass steel plastics cardboard newspaper magazines etcetera!
    Here in Downey it is illegal to look in trash receptacles and dumpsters! A city cop told me it is a MISDEMEANOR just to pull one CRV out of a city or park or federal or residential trash receptacle!
    Heck! For near twenty years 01/95-01/15 at seven nites a week I have been looking in over one hundred fifty-seven dumpsters of twenty-nine areas here in Downey! So far six cops observed me six seperate times and all vamoosed at seeing me using a V-O-I-C-E R-E-C-O-R-D-E-R! I say all I find then copy onto a CD-R later at nite. Cops use voice recorders too!
    I also look through my next door neighbour’s to the west of me five trash barrels every Tuesday nite or early Wednesday morn’ for recyclables! I find at least thirty to fifty bucks in recyclables a month! They never use the blue recycle barrel! Just the five huge black barrels!
    Looking in dumpsters I leave all recycs’ for they that need the cash. I only look for magazines ewaste I can fix give away or use. My entire audio viedo system is from dumpsters!
    Ok! Sir! That is enough! You can come up with the lyrics for “Cashin’ In On Your CRV’s! It is all yours your idea! I want not a thing from this! You have my full permission!
    Thank you! And God bless!
    Paul Howard Duran.

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